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Roni Khardon
Department of Computer Science
Luddy School
Indiana University, Bloomington

Research Interests and Projects: My interests are in the areas of Machine Learning and Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Efficient Algorithms and my research explores theoretical questions, empirical questions, and applications. Most recently my work has focused on problems in two broad areas: Theory, Algorithms and Applications of Graphical models and Stochastic Planning and Reinforcement Learning and their Relation to Probabilistic Inference.

Please beware of phishing attempts: Multiple phishing attempts using my name have been circulating over the last few months. Typical examples inlcude fake job offers that ask you to communicate with me by text/phone or through an alternate non-IU email address - these are phishing attempts. Sophisticated variations and schemes are evolving. If you are reading this web page after seeing an odd offer it is likely a phishing attempt. Please help others by reporting these. Information about reporting phishing at IU is at: https://phishing.iu.edu/report/index.html