My research endeavors to elucidate the dynamics of science as a social and an intellectual (cognitive) endeavor by approaching science as a heterogeneous system comprising of people, ideas, documents, instruments, institutions, and policies situated in an historical context. Specifically, I strive to produce comprehensive, yet straightforward models based on theoretical and empirical findings from a wide range of fields (science, technology, and society (STS), science of science, information science, network science, economics, sociology, philosophy, history, etc.) in order to uncover and explain the fundamental principles that govern contemporary science.

My analysis of the social structure of scientific fields has led me to further research the major staple of contemporary science - collaboration and the development of team science. I am also interested in shared conceptual systems of scientific communities expressed through the terminology used in documents. That thread of research has focused mainly on developing methods to analyze title words of journal articles to enhance our understanding of cognitive/epistemic structure of science.