Weekly Schedule

MATH 671, Spring 2002


Week of January 7

Tuesday Introduction and Course Outline
Thursday Multiagent systems-Micro level

Week of January 14

Tuesday Multiagent systems-Micro level II
Thursday Multiagent systems-Macro level

Week of January 21

Tuesday Formal Methods in DAI
Thursday Possible-Worlds Model

Week of January 28

Tuesday Properties of Knowledge
Thursday Knowledge in MAS

Week of February 4

Tuesday More Examples, Asynchronous Message passing systems
Thursday Asynchronous m.p. systems, cont'd

Week of February 11

Tuesday Protocols
Thursday Coordinated Attack

Week of February 18

Tuesday Byzantine Agreement Problem
Thursday Game Theory, Introduction

Week of February 25

Tuesday Nash equilibrium, Zero-sum games
Thursday NO Class

Week of March 4

Tuesday Bayesian Games
Thursday Mixed strategies

Week of March 11

Tuesday Spring Break
Thursday Spring Break

Week of March 18

Tuesday Correlated equilibrium
Thursday Evolutionary equilibrium

Week of March 25

Tuesday Extensive games,
Thursday Extensive games, cont'd

Week of April 1

Tuesday Extensive games with imperfect information
Thursday Ext. games cont'd

Week of April 8

Tuesday Implementation Theory
Thursday Implementation Theory, cont'd

Week of April 15

Monday (Extra Class, 6:15 pm at 4C4) Nash Implementation
Tuesday Subgame Perfect Implementation
Thursday Exchange Economies