CGI Servers tests

Simple .htacces test. Must get forbidden or .htaccess is not working
Simple perl cgi script
Simple sh cgi script
Symlink to a simple sh cgi script (fails)
Symlink to a txt file
Python cgi script
PHP script to run id
CGI script to run umask
Simple cgi linux binary
Simple pear/php require test
Simple cgi sparc binary
PHP Safe Mode test - login with joe/foobar
PHP5 via cgi - login with joe/foobar
GD perl module with TTF (from sstamm)
Directory group readable by cgid only
Directory group readable by wwwd only
Server side include test
Remote php script via symlink to /nfs
Remote html file via symlink to /nfs
Remote cgi script via symlink to /nfs (Fails)
CAS auth test (works via domain only)
Kerberos auth test (works for robh@ADS.IU.EDU only)
Display php version information
Display php version using short_open_tag config per php.ini
Test of FastCGI
Django admin interface