MidWIC 2006

September 29 - 30, 2006
Julian Science & Mathematics Center, DePauw University
Greencastle, Indiana

Scholarship Information

We have distributed all of our $9000 scholarship funding. However, we are trying to contact all schools with large MidWIC groups in order to see if these schools can pool scholarships, share rooms, travel in vans, etc. If this is possible, we may have additional scholarships. If you want to continue to apply for scholarships, we will recognize you with a waiting list number. The person with #1 will be awarded the first scholarship; #2, the second; and so on.

Scholarships are funded by Google, Microsoft and ACM-W .

Students are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to cover the expenses incurred in attending MidWIC. A scholarship will pay up to $200 of your travel, lodging, and registration costs. Save your receipts! We are currently seeking applications from undergraduates and graduates. Students receiving scholarships are required to attend all MidWIC events.

Scholarship Application

Mentor/Advisor name and contact information:
Year: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate
I agree to attend all MidWIC events if I am awarded a scholarship: Yes No
Does your school have an organization for women in computing? Yes No
Do you feel your department is committed to helping and supporting women in computing? Explain your answer.

What do you hope to gain for yourself by attending MidWIC?

How will you use the things you learn at MidWIC to help women in computing at your school?

All fields on this form are required
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