Current Students

The list of my current students can be found here.

Prospective Students

If you have an interest in pursuing a PhD with me, first I want to thank you for your interest in our work! Strongly motiviated students who have certain background in AI and/or robotics are always welcome. But to make sure we are a good match, I also suggest you to go browse our recent publications and reserach projects before sending me your CV/Resume and transcripts. Note, I might not be able to reply each email due to the high volume of emails that I receive everyday.

Motivated Master's and undergraduate students that have already been admitted to IU are also welcome to work with me. I would strongly suggest you to take one of my courses so that I know you (this also allows you to get preliminary knowledge of our research). If you have decided to contact me, please browse my research topics and select one or two potential topics that you are most interested in, then send me an email including your CV/Resume along with your selected topics. We can set up a meeting and discuss potential projects.