Michael Gasser

Emeritus Associate Professor
Informatics & Computing and Cognitive Science
Indiana University

Who I am
This informal autobiography of me explains how I moved among the different fields that I've been in. It's a little out-of-date; in particular it doesn't say that I retired in May 2012. I am still doing research, mainly on language technology for Ethiopian and Eritrean languages, but I will not be taking on any new PhD students.
What I do
The research that I currently do is concerned with developing computational tools for languages of the Global South. You can find out more about it on the PLoGS page. This project grew out of an earlier, overly ambitious group of projects called Human Language Technology and the Democratization of Information (HLTDI).
Outside of academia, I'm involved in activism of various sorts, related to ecology, immigration, language rights, and the democratization of science. Email me if you're interested.
I've published a bunch of academic papers. I've also given talks and interviews, including some on non-academic topics. I've written a free, online introductory textbook for linguistics. And I've written software, for both teaching and research.
How to find me
You can e-mail me at <gasser at indiana dot edu>. If you want to use encryption, you'll need my PGP/GPG public key.