Course Information

MATH 671



Esfandiar Haghverdi
Tel: (251) 989-5974

Office hours: Tuesday: 1:30-2:30, and by appointment.


Tuesday: 10:30-12:00, DRLB 4C2; Thursday: 11:00-12:30, DRLB 3W2

Required Material:

We will use lecture notes prepared from several sources and the books that are listed on the main page for the course. However, I will provide information for additional reading and reference purposes below. The list will grow as we proceed in the course.

  1. D. Monderer, M. Tennenholtz, H. Varian, Economics and AI, Games and Economic Behaviour, vol. 35, 2001.
  2. G. Boutilier, Y. Shoham, P. Wellman, Economic Principles of Multiagent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, vol. 94, 1997.


The following weights will be used to determine the overall grade in the course

Homework 35 %
Midterm 25 %
Final 40 %


First day of classes January 7
Add period ends January 18
Drop period ends Fabruary 8
Spring term break March 8-18
Spring term classes end April 19

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