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A list of all of Daniel Mishler's modules to help you learn C and succeed in E111.

You're about to explore the world of C and try not to get lost at sea. Between Prof Whaley's exercises, my labs, the textbook, lecture, and you own research, there will be several resources at your disposal to learn this skill. Many of you may already know that I am a survivor of this course from three years ago, so I have my own opinions about how to learn it best. These guides should be considered an optional resource for you as you progress, and they'll contain things that helped me learn C.

I'll structure things into objectives and ordering to try to identify concepts in a way that helps you learn. But at the end of the day, the way to learn C is to code in C - to wade through the weeds of Linux, of Vim, and of a language that you barely understand. I hope that these guides are helpful to you on your journey. This website is currently under construction, but many of the modules that you'll use were created last March. I'll be sure the website is always updated enough to cover all lecture topics you've seen.

  • Daniel's Introdution to C.
  • Daniel's E111 Review Lab exercise.

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