Daniel Mishler

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Note: Daniel Mishler is now at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

This website will no longer be updated, and will remain on these servers for as long as my account here exists. If you'd like to follow me to my new website, it will be at my UT Homepage.

Hello, I am a senior at Indiana Unversity studying Intelligent Systems Engineering and Physics.

This page was originally used for teaching via containing files for E111 - software systems engineering. It contains the frayed results of many experiments I've done over a handful of years, and serves as somewhat of a documentation of my journey to learn HTML.

The full path to this directory is /u/dasmish/cgi-pub, but things can be downloaded from this website using wget https://homes/sice/indiana.edu/dasmish

  • My CV
  • Python Course
  • E111 Homepage
  • My Open Letter
  • My S210 Dreamweaver project