Collected here are a few comments we've received from former C311 students on their experience with the course.

This class has been the most difficult, must frustrating, but most importantly most fun class I have ever taken. Honestly it would have to be my favorite class to date. […] I'm hoping to learn a lot more about functional languages and continue to be successful with them.

Do's of C311: Do the assignments (Shoot for S+!), Go to class and lab, Start on the assignment the day it gets posted, Go to office hours if you need help.

Don'ts of C311: Wait until the last second, Skip class and lab, E-mail an AI with less than three hours left on the assignment and expect a response immediately.

It will be a tough and demanding class, but you've just gotta stick with it. It will wear you out … but in the end, the results are worth it.

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