Abbreviation Title
EOPL “Essentials of Programming Languages”, 3rd edition
SAOP “Scheme and the Art of Programming”
DTP “The little typer”

Our final exam will be held on Wednesday 3 of May registrar.


Note: This schedule is subject to change. The optional texts and notes are, as the name suggests, merely supplementary.

Week Topic Optional Texts Optional Notes
01/09 Racket & Recursion Chs 1, 2, & 4, SAOP
01/11 Higher-Order Functions & Primitive Recursion letrec Ch 7, SAOP program transformations enrichment material
01/16 No class (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
01/18 quasiquote, match and the Lambda Calculus Ch 5.1-5.2, SAOP letrec quasiquote match
01/23 Free and bound variables, lexical address and Intro. to Interpreters Chs 2 & 3, EOPL
01/25 Intro to Interpreters Chs 2 & 3, EOPL
01/30 Representation Independence w.r.t. Environments, Closures
02/01 lexical scoping, dynamic scoping
02/06 First exam Q&A
02/08 First exam
02/13 Interpreting letrec, Parameter-Passing Styles Ch 4.5, EOPL An in-depth look at parameter-passing variations
02/15 Intro to continations and CPS Chs 16 & 17, SAOP; Ch 6.1-6.3 EOPL CPS Refresher Notes Notes
02/20 CPS/CPS interpreters Ch 5.1, EOPL
02/22 Representation independence w.r.t. continuations ri notes newer older
02/27 Registerization Ch 5.3, EOPL Newer notes
03/01 Trampolining Ch 5.2, EOPL Older notes on reg & trampolining
03/06 ParentheC the ParentheC paper
03/08 Introduction to miniKanren xform to mK
03/13 No Class <Spring break>
03/15 No Class <Spring break>
03/20 miniKaren constraints
03/22 Pre-mid-term Q&A
03/27 Mid-term exam
03/29 miniKanren implementation draft paper
04/03 Hinley-Milner style Type Inferencing Ch 7.1-7.2, EOPL type inference notes
04/05 HM Type for Fix and More MiniKanren Ch 7.3-7.4, EOPL
04/10 Store Passing Style & Monads (tentative) Cameron's Dan and Adam's Dan's Wadler's
04/12 More Monads (tentative)
04/17 Dependent types (tentative) DTP
04/19 More Dependent types (tentative) DTP
04/24 Even More Dependent types (tentative) DTP
04/26 Pre-final exam session
05/03 Final exam (5:20-7:20 p.m.)


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