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Racket and References

Racket on SOIC Machines

  • To access Racket on the SOIC machines, you need to type the following at the terminal: module load racket.
  • If you access these machines with any frequency, you should add that to your .bashrc
  • See the following for more on modules.

Developing on Windows

  • Here is a document that helps show you how to setup a development environment on Windows 7.

Developing on Mac

  • Here is an opinionated guide for setting up Racket and Emacs on a Mac.

Course specific libraries and tools

miniKanren resources

If you're interested in miniKanren development, check out!

311 miniKanren

  • The current 311-implementation of miniKanren can be found here.
  • The relational arithmetic suite can be found here.
  • You may on occasion find trace-define-mk.scm to be useful as well.

CEK & Redux

  • Control Operators, the SECD-Machine, and the lambda-Calculus here

Emacs references and tools

Vim tools

Cameron Swords (C311 course staff emeritus) uses and endorses the Vim text editor. You can find his configuration for vim here


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