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Racket and References

Racket on SOIC Machines

  • To access Racket on the SOIC machines, you need to type the following at the terminal: module load racket.
  • If you access these machines with any frequency, you should add that to your .bashrc
  • See the following for more on modules.

Developing on Windows

  • Here is a document that helps show you how to setup a development environment on Windows 7.

Developing on Mac

  • Here is an opinionated guide for setting up Racket and Emacs on a Mac.

Course specific libraries and tools

miniKanren resources

If you're interested in miniKanren development, check out!

311 miniKanren

  • The current 311-implementation of miniKanren can be found here.
  • The relational arithmetic suite can be found here.
  • You may on occasion find trace-define-mk.scm to be useful as well.

Emacs references and tools

Vim tools

Cameron Swords (C311 course staff emeritus) uses and endorses the Vim text editor. You can find his configuration for vim here


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