Download here

Note: Wombat requires Java 1.6+ to run. You can download it here.


  1. Download wombat.jar (linked above)
  2. Move it to where you want to install Wombat (for example your desktop or a thumbdrive)
  3. Double click to run
  4. Follow the instructions for the initial setup

Frequently asked questions:

What does Wombat need to run?

Wombat is written in a combination of Java with a native version of Petite Chez Scheme as its interpreter. It should run on Windows (XP, Vista, or 7), OSX (10.5+, maybe older versions), or Linux (tested on Ubuntu and Red Hat, should work on others). The correct version of the native code will automatically downloaded. Java 1.5 and earlier will not work, at least 1.6 is necessary.

What should I send in an error report?

Whenever you are reporting an error, the most useful information will be the operating system and Java version that you are running along with the debug information that Wombat will generate. The log files should be in the same directory as Wombat.jar and named log.0 / log.1 / etc. Any additional information I will request over email.

(OSX) What does the error "The Java JAR file 'wombat.jar' could not be launched. Check the Console for possible error messages." mean?

Most likely, this is the result of trying to run Wombat on Java 1.5. Wombat requires at least Java 1.6 and unfortunately certain versions of OSX use Java 1.5 as the default. You can check this by running java -version in the Terminal. If it shows something about Java 1.5, follow the instructions on this page to change the default order. java -version should now display at least version 1.6. If that doesn't work, let me know.

Where can I learn more about Wombat?

Check out either the Development Blog or even download the source code and look at it directly. Feel free to send me any questions that come up.

I have an idea for a new feature, where should I send it?

See the link to the Issue Tracker below. I always welcome new ideas, although I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to get to all of them. If you're interested in how Wombat works, the source code is all available (also see below). If you wish to help with Wombat development, let me know!

... any other questions ...

Email me verkampj@indiana.edu and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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